Time Took It

There was a time when sadness was just a toy being broken,
When happiness was just a lollipop full of flavors,
When excitement was going out to eat at your favorite foodhouse,
When love was just an inkling solely given out to family,
When life was wonderful, and perfect, and something to look forward to, everyday.
But why did time took all of these and replaced it with bitterness?
Why did sadness become so profound it almost choke the life out of you?
Why did happiness become so rare, and yet so worldly?
Why did excitement become a dangerous hobby,
Of jumping off cliffs, or diving out of an airplane in the desperate wanting to fly?
Why did love become so shallow for most people,
To be told in a whim, and not felt by the heart?
Why did life become so unbearably tiring?
Time was supposed to heal you,
Make you grow,
Make you better…
Why did time have to take it all away?
But I guess it wasn’t time that took it…
It was you and you didn’t even know it.