Love Like a Fool

You make me a fool for loving you; the way you mark me with words, carving crevices deep into my buried heart of stone. The way you own me by burrowing under my skin, deep into the soul I never thought would feel love at all. Being a fool for you is all worth it.

Sailing to Oblivion

Thy moved and rocked my bow,
In sweet winding, thy pulled the rafters taut and-
Directed the sail towards the tempetous ocean,
Dousing our bodies, wet and ragged;
Our breaths mingling in the aftermath.

Do We Wage the War of the Meat?

I gazed deep enough towards the ocean that’s your soul,
A storm waging within, darkening the bright blue of your eyes.
I touched the velvet of your lips parted,
Billowing breaths as sweet as honey,
Coming in gasps, taking away mine.
Do we engage in the sweet war of the body, grazing elbows, nails scratching deep on your silken skin?