Crushing Hard

So, on a totally lighter manner and absolutely off tangent, off key, off course subject and note than I usually write, I think I am having a crush. An absurdly light and random crush for this guy at the Laboratory. I have recently noticed that the guy has taken to greeting me whenever we pass each other, or whenever he comes to an area to which I was assigned. (Note: I am a Nurse at a Provincial Hospital in our place). Of course it could TOTALLY be out of respect or the guy could just be polite, courteous or well-bred but I think (or maybe I wish? Ha) that he likes me. What backs my suspicions too is that when he called on our (my hospital area) phone line one time expecting to talk to my senior but instead being inadvertently ambushed by me, he stuttered so much that I had to repeat his words whenever he paused. After the phone call, I grinned like a maniac and has randomly laughed to myself, remembering his cute stutters. So, does he like me or am I just projecting my crush for him? Penny for your thoughts.

xoxo, Danna