Posthumous Ramblings

Romanticizing the dead wouldn’t make much of a difference. You could shower adulations of various sorts but it would only hang in midair. You were there when she was alive; you were there, secretly cursing her, envying her, but you never once opened your mouth to tell her the things you are telling her body now. “She has so much in her”, “Her future was all everyone¬† envisioned theirs to be”, “It’s unfortunate to lose such a brilliant person.” Your empty praises. . . What good would it do? Would she rise from the dead to hug and thank you? What good would it do aside from making you feel less pathetic? What good would it do her? And I guess until her death, you were only thinking of yourself, of how to make you feel better once you’ve known of her demise. But then again it could be that for once you’re thinking of others. Because your every praise goes acknowledged by her family members, and you might not intend to do so but it unburdens their grief little by little with your every lame praise. I give you that. For once, even if it was posthumous, you’re giving her something she might have wanted, needed to live for. And that something would ensure that her family would live on.