Take the bullshit out of bullying and inequality and fight back

There are things in life that shouldn’t matter but somehow, in this generation, they do. These little, worthless things sometimes even causes the destruction of others. It shouldn’t matter if your teeth are crooked, or your nose a little upturned. It shouldn’t worry you that your body’s a little on the round side, or if your eyes look a bit too big for your small face. It shouldn’t be the cause of your anxiety that you’re gay or lesbian and it shouldn’t cost you too much sleep that your being that might be a big disappointment to your loved ones, most probably your parents. We exist in such a diverse world, a world prowling with various people bearing different cultures but somehow, the cliches of bringing someone down on the social ladder doesn’t budge an inch when it comes to that- bringing someone down, I mean. We are a species plagued by the urge, the need to be on top of everyone else and I guess that is really the case no matter what kind of species you are in the ecosystem, but knowing that we have the ability to control ourselves and be better than our mammalian or reptilian counterparts doesn’t actually help us in being better than them. If not, these highly functional brains we’re given actually makes us look and act much lower than our four-legged or winged friends. Won’t it be better if we care for each other instead of scorn one another? Or if caring for someone seems too much of a bother, then we shouldn’t just pay any attention to anyone at all instead of taking the time to make fun of someone. We all have our imperfections but somehow, some people think they are better than others that they assume they have the privelege to look down on those people with obvious disadvantages in life. It shouldn’t be that way but the reality of today dictates who you are, what you are,  what you should do and what you shouldn’t. Instead of enjoying equal rights in this Earth we live in, we are bounded by these human dictums that limits and chokes the life out of everyone slowly. It shouldn’t be that way but somehow, people came in to terms with these worthless and pitiful ‘norms’ and didn’t even try to put their best in line and fight back. There is something worth fighting for, if only for the right we are all entitled to have. No one should be the judge of yourself but you. I still think this is a long overdue fight and it’s time to end the grip of inequality and bullying among us.

We all should know that diversity makes for a rich tapestry, and we must understand that all the threads of the tapestry are equal in value no matter what their color.” —Maya Angelou