Life is Wonderful

I never thought I’d say this, and that I’d even understand it so much to put it into paper but I think beyond the layers of complicated problems not thrown but dumped upon us, life is so much more wonderful than we’re giving it credit for. Yes, there is that depression that comes with living a life that has never and would probably never satisfy you, and yes, there are those bucketful of tears you’ve cried when you thought this world is such a cruel place to live in but beyond that, this place is wonderful. Life is wonderful. It gives you enough problems for you to be able to appreciate what matters most and what isn’t. Those petty fights you had with your parents would remind you one day that they are the people who actually cared about you, but you devoted your life trying to build up this wall between them because you think they don’t understand you but actually, they do. It’s you who don’t and you’d only probably realize that when they’re already gone and their memories are the only things reminding you of what should have been. The money you kept wanting to have in surplus because you want your family to be well-off is actually distancing you away from them. Your son and daughter won’t stay that age forever and when you’ve finally decided to give them the time of the day, they wouldn’t be there for you to laugh with anymore. You would look back to those days when your children were young and you wouldn’t have any memory of them aside from their hopeful faces when they asked you to go see their recitals or baseball plays but you didn’t give them the time of your day, and you didn’t witness their huge smiles as they won the game or finished the play, and you certainly didn’t see the look of disappointment as they discovered you couldn’t be bothered enough to go have a look at the most important day of their lives. But they love you at such a young age and when they do, they give you enough tries to correct what you did wrong but each time you didn’t show up because you were busy building their future, you were slapping them with disappointment and making them go further away from you at the present. You wouldn’t notice this now but you would in a few years, when everything you could reminisce about them is a faded childhood you had played no part in; when all that you could see is their backs turned away from you as you try to reach out to them. The girl you love so much wouldn’t remain by your side forever if you don’t take courage enough to propose to her. You know in your heart she’s already the one but you’re restrained by these petty what ifs, trying to put off the future you want so much to share with her because you are scared that you aren’t old enough, or that you aren’t ready to build a family of your own. And then there is the girl you impregnated and you’re too scared to take your responsibility to that unborn child. Your every bluff that you think it was another guy’s when you know in your heart it is yours takes away a day off the life of that poor child, the girl you don’t want to have responsibility with going deeper into depression as she tries to fight for the life of the baby living inside her. And the days you spent drinking alcohol or snorting drugs while your parents worried about you would never come back. The future they tried to give you when they couldn’t even afford enough clothes to put on their backs were put to waste as you go deeper into that self destruction you have no business getting into. Because you are the child they thought would take them away from all those miseries and the responsibility is just too much for you that you decide to just chuck it off and fuck up your own life. There are so many decisions in life that you’ve messed up and you chuck it all to life. You blame this world for being so cruel when the people living on it are actually the ones messing it up. You blame the problems life has thrown on your way when all it actually is meant to do is strengthen you, ready you as you take the long journey ahead. Life is so much more beautiful than we give it credit for. If only you’ve taken the right choice, gone the right way… It’s not yet too late to try walking on the right way, not yet too late to rectify the mistakes you’ve done. Look at the life you’re living and decide what matters and what doesn’t and let go all the baggages that has nothing to do with you. It isn’t easy, I know, for the journey is too rough and far too long but this life is wonderful. You just have to unveil the right choice and may God be always with you on the way.