The Heart of a Nurse

What pains me so much as a nurse is to see my patients reduced to mere bodies, riddled with diseases, fighting for dear life while there are people outside who get to spend their lives in careless abandonment. I look at the 90 year old male with Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome and think to myself that that person never knew he would be confined to a bed, his own body rendering him incapable of even the most effortless activity such as breathing. He probably spent his youth gallivanting across towns and now his mind is probably the only thing roaming around, trying desperately to escape the four walls that has cornered him for the past month. I see the mother of a 7 year old, weak and unable to even move to her side, pining for her dear son to visit him when she should be the one visiting him to his games or sending him off to school. Her cancerous body defeating her slowly, her mind struggling to will her body to health, all for her dear son not to grow old without her. I see the old woman on her death bed, her soul finally resting after a hundred years on Earth, her family grieving for the loss they never thought

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