Solar Power Plant

Goal: make Laoag City a solar-powered community.

Objective: Propose a plan to make Laoag City/ Ilocos Norte a solar-powered city. 


  1. Research about the amount Ilocanos pay for electricity each year.
  2. Research the cost of solar power panels.
  3. Research the solar power storage.
  4. Research the cost of fiber glass/ tough glass or any transparent material that absorbs heat.
  5. Balance the amount of payment of Ilocanos gor electricity every year and the amount of solar power panels.
  6. Make a plan to make each government establishments run on solar power first.
  7. Make bridges solar powered by layering the solar power panels with glass etc. Starting with mini bridges/walkways/plaza.
  8. Make city lights solar-powered.
  9. Make houses solar-powered.

The city will be the first to have free electricity.

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