I just realized that the key to living is the absurdly strong courage of never giving up. I’ve seen intubated patients recover and later on breathed and talked on their own accord by their sheer determination. I’ve seen amputated patients walk. I’ve witnessed people come back to life after being in the brink of death for long that their loved ones have started letting them go, tears running down their face, their bodies wrecked with grief. I’ve seen the beginning of life and the end of it, and I’ve only realized what makes people live life even with its endless loops of shit and happiness, is that courage in finding that better streak, that sliver of light, that one shot at happiness and being able to say I’ve made it. This inate competitiveness, this wanting to beat life from its own game, this is the drive most people go by unknowingly.

-early morning thoughts that don’t usually make sense| 121916

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