(Photocopy TOR, Diploma, RLE)

  • Go to Registrars and ask to file for Red Ribbon. Fill out CAV form.
  • Go pay the authentication fee for TOR, Diploma and RLE at the Cashiers.
  • Go to CHS and ask for authentication of RLE at Dean’s Office.
  • Put authenticated RLE, TOR, Diploma and CAV form inside LBE.
  • Pass to the Registrars and wait for sealing.

2. PRC

Photocopy ID, Board Certificate

  • Ask to get a Board Rating and Board Passing at the Information.
  • Ask also to file for authentication of Rating, Passing, Certificate, and ID.
  • present form at the Cashiers and pay amt.
  • Present ID and Board Certificate to be stamped at the office near the Gate.
  • Go to designated Gate, present form, stamped docs along with receipt and wait.
  • Meanwhile, go to 5th floor and present form and receipt for procurement of Board Rating and Passing. Wait for documents.
  • Go get documents after said waiting time is over at the Gate for Certificate and ID.
  • Go photocopy the procured Rating and Passing, go to stamping section.
  • Present stamped Rating and Passing, along with form and Receipt at 5th floor. Wait for documents.

3. DFA

NSO, Civil Registrars/Municipal Birth CCertificate

  • Go to the Authentication office. Fill out forms.
  • Go to processing and present documents namely: NSO with MBC, B. Rating, B. Passing, B. Certificate, PRC ID, Sealed envelope from MMSU
  • Pay at the Cashiers
  • Present receipt back at the Processing and wait for instructions.
  • Claim document the next day or as instructed, check if documents have been properly tied with the Red Ribbon then proceed at the DHL section.
  • Fill out forms. Wait for your turn. Pay desired amt. Done.

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